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Jünger Audio was founded in Berlin in 1990 and specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality digital audio dynamics processors. The name of Jünger Audio became synonymous with the "Dynamic Transponder" which was introduced in 1991 and was sold extensively to recording studios, television and radio broadcasters. Since then, a unique range of new digital processors has been developed to meet the demands of the professional audio market.

The first digital dynamics processor, the Model d1 was introduced at the 1992 Tonmeistertagung in Germany. This device quickly became established in mastering studios in Germany and throughout Europe. By early 1994 there was a whole family of Jünger Audio digital dynamics processors, the d01, d02, and d03 which are used by a growing number of prestigious international studios and broadcasters.

At the 1994 Tonmeistertagung the Model c04 a/d/d converter was launched providing Audio Data Packing, a process which allows the storage and recovery of 20 bit audio signals on a 16 bit storage medium. Since then, a complete range of Audio Data Packing products have been developed. In 1995 the d05 digital transmission processor was launched. This device was designed specifically to provide high quality dynamics processing for FM radio and television transmission. Many units are now in use throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

The e07 digital filter processor was introduced early in 1996 offering internal signal processing with double the sampling rate for the first time, resulting in a digital filter that sounds as good as the best analogue filters.

Jünger Audio products are being used in increasing numbers for audio signal processing in the video production environment. Released late 1996, the new Digital Toolbox range provides four-channel digital audio processing, ideal for the video environment. Currently comprising the Model b40 mix-matrix and level controller, the b41 limiter and b42 dynamics controller, more products to meet the needs of the video environment are planned for 1997.

In 1997 Jünger Audio launched a complete new line of digital voice processors v01 and v02. The digital voice processor guarantees the desired sound settings of voice recordings over the microphone input. Complemented with convenient input section and with monitor functions they are planned as universal audio interface for workstations in the radio and video broadcast field. The aims of Jünger Audio are to design and produce the highest quality audio signal processors that are easy to operate. All products are developed and manufactured in-house ensuring that the highest standards are maintained throughout.