::Systems Design::

An all-in-one, real-time virtual studio! The tasks of a video switcher, video mixer, chromakeyer, and 3D graphics renderer can be performed by this single, fully integrated, turnkey system - all in real time! The Virtual Studio is perfect for TV shows, creating content on the fly and spicing up old formats. One person can operate all the necessary features. One of the best features of the Darim Virtual Studio system is that it can do it all in real time. With some other virtual studio solutions, all of these tasks-keying, video mixing, 3D rendering - are performed in post production and consume an enormous amount of time. With Darim's Virtual Studio system, once a shot is recorded, it is done; no further 3D graphics rendering or chromakey compositing is required. All you need is to connect cameras to the Virtual Studio set from your green box, select a backdrop you want to use, make any custom changes you want, and shoot live using Darim's trackless camera technology. You can even create and import more sets from 3D Max or Maya. The Virtual Studio has optimally designed and integrated all the complicated features needed for realizing 3D virtual sets in real time making it possible to realize your imagination in only a moment.